In December 2018 Little Windows Press launched the third series of chapbooks, LW3 and we’re overjoyed with our line-up.

It was a major coup for Little Windows that world-renowned Scottish poet, KATHLEEN JAMIE, agreed to be a part of series three. Jamie has honed her craft to perfection over many years as this small collection of pared-down, compact poetry clearly shows. She is a master of the Scottish lyric, probing nature’s mysteries with a sharp pen that scribes the landscape, its flora and fauna, in a language that is musical but never sentimental, insightful but never pretentious.

Our interstate poet this year is the extraordinary QUINN EADES. Eades’ work is always deeply personal and highly original, eschewing conventional genre, language and form. His chapbook is part prose-poem, part essay, part autobiographical narrative and uses a carefully constructed cento from Eileen Myles’ Afterglow (A Dog Memoir) (Grove Press, USA, 2018) as part of its narrative thread. Ground-breaking in form and breathtakingly honest this is poetry that opens itself wide and shows us its beautiful bones.

We also have wonderful collections from South Australian poets Jelena Dinic and Dominic Symes. JELENA DINICs collection explores themes of loss and displacement, the tectonic plates of emotion that shift and slide dramatically when one is forced to break away from one’s homeland. Dinic paints her grief in such delicate shades that the colours wash gently through the reader leaving a residue of sadness that is wistful rather than devastating.

DOMINIC SYMES’ poems beat with the pulse of the everyday, energised by a heightened attention to the present.  Urban in language and location, their idiosyncratic syntax hints at an Ashbery influence but ultimately springs from Symes’ own lively, meandering mind. Peppered with quirky characters and ‘in’ jokes that invite the reader in, the poems resonate with humour, charm and contemporary chic.

Alison Flett

All books are handmade and come in limited edition print runs of 111. Read more about the authors and access sample poems by clicking on the names above.
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