Little Windows Press is a small South Australian publisher with big ideas about bringing fine poetry to the world, four chapbooks at a time. It is the brainchild of Alison Flett and Jill Jones who discovered, over coffee one afternoon, that they both had unpublished chapbooks sitting on their hard drives. Alison contacted Scottish poetry-pal John Glenday and Jill spoke to interstate poet Andy Jackson and a few months later, the first series of Little Windows chapbooks was launched. Our aim is to make links with the global poetry community, showcasing the work of top-quality Australian poets overseas while simultaneously introducing Australian readers to poets they may not otherwise be aware of. We publish one series of limited edition chapbooks per year. Each series has at least one South Australian poet, one interstate poet and one poet from a country other than Australia. As we are a small independent press with limited resources we publish by invitation only.



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